Rocks & Rainbows

I have tried for so many years and in so many ways to deal with chronic pain.

Gratitude RockThe emotional toll is very difficult – for me and my family. In 2009, I was losing it. It had been six years – the pain was constant and getting worse. I was reading a lot of books and listening to cds about personal growth. Of particular interest was the simple practice of using gratitude as a way to cope with difficulties.

I became engrossed with gratitude. I gave thanks regularly, journaled and found ways to be grateful even when I didn’t want to be. Giving thanks became so important that I felt compelled to share what I had learned by turning my personal experiences into a children’s book.

Around this time, my husband Kevin and I, came across the idea of using gratitude rocks as a way to give thanks. A lot of people have a connection with rocks and our family loves them… It seemed like a great way to spread gratitude. Can you imagine what would happen if we all gave thanks regularly?

We decided to showcase hand-selected, polished rocks in a special way – nested in materials from our natural environment. Our idea was to provide a member-based forum where people could journal and share their experiences of working with gratitude.

Once we had our prototype, we left a small box on the coffee table for our 2 year old daughter, Kaiya. She was so excited. It was amazing to see her expressions while she opened the box. When she found that rock, we couldn’t believe how happy she was.

Right after she opened the gift we noticed an incredible rainbow in our backyard. It was Kaiya’s first. We wanted to see the other side of the rainbow so we got into the car and chased it. It was so beautiful and symbolic. Kaiya was totally mesmerized… she still talks about that day.

This was the beginning of Gratitude Rock.

View the animated gif of Kaiya opening her Gratitude Rock.

Love & Thanks, Elsii Faria


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