Iridology: Your Eyes Tell Stories

Most have not heard about the science of Iridology.

Some feel it has to do with irrigation or water but it doesn’t, so instead of saying EARidology I say EYEridolgy.

Iridology is a diagnostic tool analyzing the coloured part of the eye, the IRIS, used to determine a person’s current health condition, constitution and inherited weaknesses and strengths. I look at the colours, markings, etc.

After completing my degree in holistic nutrition (5 years), my soul begged to take this course. I graduated with a Certificate in Iridology and I opened my practice.

The reason I took Iridology began 15 years earlier when I took a trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I purchased a spa package and was given choices. Iridology was on the list of choices. My curiosity got the better of me! A local doctor was doing the reading (this is what they call it). He looked into my eye with a magnifying glass and began to spew out things that were true along with the recommendations. My mind was blown and I never forgot that session.

In 2012, it came to me that many people who had readings did not know what the practitioner was looking at so I created a presentation where I could show pictures to teach people how it works and what I am looking at in the iris. Further to that, I could provide information on inflammation and the seven stages of disease, my other favourite part. Wouldn’t you want to know how all disease happens? You see, all diseases have an inflammatory component and inflammation shows up in the iris. Furthermore, the iris is reading the body. How does that work?

Iridology can tell us many things but there are things it cannot tell us, at least with the training I received. Since names of diseases are just labels, Iridology cannot tell you if you have cancer.

Looking at client’s eyes gives me insights on what is happening with her/him that they are not yet aware of (prevention) or a validation (confirmation).

One of my favourites is stress rings. Curious!?

Open your eyes wide for pictures!

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For Your Better Health, Cheryl