History of The Hive

The Hive Centre and Stay is the historical site of a heritage church in Leskard, Ontario.

Leskard is located at the headwaters of Wilmot Creek. The creek (once a river and large lake) provided power to run mills, enabling the village of Leskard to flourish.

During the mid 1800s, Leskard was an active and busy place with two copper shops, stave mills, grist and saw mills, a general store, a hotel, grocery store, a school and three churches.

The Hive Centre is the only church that survives today (once Episcopal Methodist), built in 1858. An old record indicates that the building was moved about a year later from its original position (south of its current location).

The Hive’s property was severed (c. 1970s) to create an 18 acre nature reserve (now belonging to Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority) known as the Wilmot Creek Commemorative Forest – dedicated to honour individuals who contributed to Ontario’s Conservation Movement (plaque at front of church). The Hive gratefully owns a portion of the forest, offering exclusive access to the conservation area.