Opening Your Throat Chakra and Finding Your Voice Through Song

“We’ve all experienced a lump in the throat when we want to cry but don’t feel comfortable to let the tears flow.

Many women have told me this happens when they are about to sing. Some describe it as feeling like the song or their voice is stuck in their throat.

When you first start singing indigenous healing songs, it’s all about release, and retrieving your spirit. At some point, you will hear your voice sound clear like a bell and you’ll hear power in your voice that came without effort. That’s what I call singing yourself alive!

I’ve been gifted with the ability to open that up in women. That’s why some people cry when I sing. When someone tells me they cried from my singing, I say that’s good. That means they allowed that connection to Source that we need to be able to sing from a place of spiritual connection. The purer you can make that connection, the more you can connect with your own voice and let that out.

You can do it. Anyone can sing. Your voice is beautiful. Mother Earth is waiting to hear your song.”

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TheHive_2016_BrendaMacIntyre_ActivatingYourIntuition_FBevent– An excerpt from Brenda MacIntyre’s article – “Opening Your Throat Chakra and Finding Your Voice Through Song”

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