Wild Food Walk & Tasting

Wild Food Walk & Tasting
From The Hive Bee Connected and The Hive Bee Healthy & Wild Series
3 hours

Connect with us to add your name to a list of interested participants or gather a group of friends, family or colleagues (4+) for a private Wild Food Walk & Tasting.


$65 – adult
$20 – child (12-18)
Free – child (under 12)

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Our walk into the enchanted nature reserve begins at The Hive Centre (the church).

Enjoy a rejuvenating, educational walk, get wild in the kitchen and savour a tasty meal.

  • Immerse yourself in Forest Bathing (Shinrin-Yoku)
  • Learn about Plants and Collect Wild Food
  • Enjoy an Outdoor Wild Tea Infusion Session
  • Savour the Flavours of the Wild with a Tea and Tasting

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