The Hive – Total BEEing

The Hive Total BEEing series is in full swing!

According to many Indigenous cultures, living a wholistic life involves the balancing and strengthening of the fours aspects of the self – Mind, Body, Soul and Emotions.

Our goal is to offer education and experiences related to the totality of being.

BEE Aware – Mind

BEE Healthy & Wild – Body

tomato seedlings

Learn more about The Hive – BEE Healthy and Wild Sessions.

Join Elsii on September 28 & October 19 at Durham College for a wild food cooking, tasting and learning experience. Register Today!

BEE Connected – Soul

tree hug

BEE Creative – Emotions


Learn more about The Hive – BEE Creative Art Sessions.

On November 11, Print with Purpose! Join Elsii at the Station Gallery for a creative nature workshop from The Hive’s BEE Creative series. Click to register!

View a video of the  Circle Back to Nature Workshop at the Robert McLaughlin Gallery.

Attend a Creative Nature Retreat at The Hive.


Programming is delivered through workshops, presentations and retreats at The Hive Centre and Bee & Bee as well as select locations throughout the region and on-line including the Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Durham College and the Station Gallery.


The Hive Total BEEeing sessions are facilitated by owners Elsii Faria & Kevin Craddock as well as Guest Specialists.