The Hive – Total BEEing

The Hive – Total BEEing series is designed to offer education and experiences related to the totality of being.

According to many Indigenous cultures, living a wholistic life involves the balancing and strengthening of the fours aspects of the self – Mental, Spiritual, Emotional and Physical.

The Hive – Total BEEing series includes the following:

  • BEE Aware (Mental)
  • BEE Connected (Spiritual)
  • BEE Creative (Emotional)
  • BEE Healthy & Wild (Physical)

Programming is delivered through workshops, presentations and retreats at The Hive Centre and Stay well as select locations in the region and (Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Durham College, Station Gallery) and beyond.

The Hive Total BEEing sessions are facilitated by owners as well as Guest Specialists.

BEE Aware – Mental

The Hive – BEE Aware Series is about sharing knowledge, tools and resources to help you grow. Sessions are designed to explore personal and professional potential.

Wild Views Canada is coming soon! The Hive is working in partnership to bring knowledge, wisdom and resources to people who want to join the Back to Nature movement.

BEE Connected – Spiritual

tree hug

The Hive – BEE Connected series is about giving you the time, space and silence to access your inner guidance. The sessions are designed to utilize the inherent qualities of sound, nature, wild food, community and creativity to create an experience that generates a feeling of being connected.

Attend a Creative Nature Retreat at The Hive to enjoy The Hive – Bee Connected Series.

BEE Creative – Emotional


The Hive – BEE Creative Art Series encourages the release of creative expression through focused intention. The sessions are designed to promote creativity without attachment to the outcome – to enjoy the process and create a meaningful experience.

Learn more about The Hive – BEE Creative Art Sessions.

On February 3rd, create a Valentine Vessel with loving intention! Join Elsii at the Station Gallery for a creative nature workshop from The Hive’s BEE Creative series.

View a video of the  Circle Back to Nature Workshop at the Robert McLaughlin Gallery.

BEE Healthy & Wild – Physical

The Hive – BEE Healthy and Wild Series is about taking care of your body and getting back to food basics. The sessions are designed to explore some of the benefits of exploring nature and adding wild food to your diet.

Learn more about The Hive – BEE Healthy and Wild Sessions.

Join Elsii on April 25 & May 19 at Durham College for a wild food cooking, tasting and learning experience.