The Hive – BEE Creative

The Hive – BEE Creative Art Series encourages the release of creative expression through focused intention. The sessions are designed to promote creativity without attachment to the outcome – to enjoy the process and create a meaningful experience.

In order to connect to nature and reduce environmental impact, natural and recycled materials are used to create art works including flowers, bark, leaves, rocks, fabric, paper, natural dyes, etc.

Programs are Designed to Support Those Who:

  • May not think that they are creative
  • Feel that their creativity is blocked
  • Are interested in expanding their understanding of art
  • Need time and space to create

Programming will be delivered through workshops, presentations and retreats at The Hive Centre and Bee & Bee as well as select locations throughout the region and on-line.

On November 11, Print with Purpose! Join Elsii at the Station Gallery for a creative nature workshop from The Hive’s BEE Creative series. Click to register!

The BEE Creative Art Sessions are facilitated by Elsii Faria and Kevin Craddock.

View a video of the  Circle Back to Nature Workshop at the Robert McLaughlin Gallery.

Participate in a Creative Nature Retreat with Elsii and Kevin.

Interested in the Nature of Self Art Series for your organization or group? Contact us!