Spring to Life – Creative Nature Retreat

Spring to Life – Creative Nature Retreat
The Hive Centre and Bee & Bee
June 16, 2017 from 10am – 4pm

Join co-owners and artists, Elsii Faria and Kevin Craddock, for a unique and meaningful experience designed to help you connect to nature and yourself.

During the Spring to Life Creative Nature Retreat, you will:

Re-discover the calming, rejuvenating and stimulating power of nature and creativity.

This retreat is designed to help you set intentions, access your inner guidance and tap into creative expression.

Reflect, explore and create in an encouraging and supportive environment.


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Join us for dinner! Arrive the night before and wake up in a beautiful natural environment.

Retreat with Overnight + Dinner (Shared Room):

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Retreat with Overnight + Dinner (Private Room):

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If you are unable to join us for the full retreat, participate in one or two events during the day.

Frequency Meditation:

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Wild Food Walk and Tasting:

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Spring to Life – Creative Nature Workshop:

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From: The Hive – BEE Creative, BEE Healthy & Wild, BEE Aware and BEE Connected Series

About the Facilitators:

Elsii Faria is the Co-owner of The Hive Centre and Bee & Bee where she leads creative, nature and food-based workshops and retreats. She is an award winning artist who has exhibited at various galleries in Canada and has her Masters in Fine Art – Multi-Media. Elsii is committed to creative expression as a fulfilling and healing outlet. Elsii is also a Marketing and Outreach Consultant for various organizations and businesses. She works with stakeholders and partners to build community and help grow the economy.

Kevin Craddock is unrestricted by discipline; he is a musician, artist, designer and programmer with a tech savvy background. He is dedicated to expanding on his experience, progressing his skills and talents while opening channels to knowledge, wisdom, art and spirit.  Kevin is Co-Owner/Director and Facilitator at The Hive Centre. He leads creative music sessions and produces Frequency Meditations for retreats and workshops.