Self-Heal / All-Heal / Heal-All
Prunella Vulgaris
Herbaceous Perennial Flowering Plant – Family Lamiaceae

Self-Heal is a low-lying plant with virtually no scent. Characteristic of the mint family, Self-Heal has a square stem but does not taste like mint.

The entire plant is edible (fresh or dried) – use for salad, stews and tea.

A powerful antioxidant with anti-bacterial properties. Used for centuries to treat everything from minor cuts to internal bleeding.

Contains volatile oils (camphor and fenchone), tannins, rosmarinic acid (anti-viral compound), alkaloids, saponins, phenols, tannins, mucilage, glycoside (aucubin), caffeic and urosolic acids, flavonoids (rutin) and vitamins C, B1 & K.



*Consult a licensed and qualified health practitioner before using plants medicinally.