Portulaca Oleracea
Annual Flowering Succulent – Family Portulacaceae

Purslane often grows in cracks and has a reddish, fleshy stem, succulent rounded leaves and small, yellow flowers.

The stems, leaves and flowers are edible. The plant is slightly crunchy with a light sour/salty flavour. Eat raw in salad or use in stir fries, soups and stews.

Purslane contains more omega-3 fatty acids than any other leafy vegetable and is rich in antioxidants – strengthening the immune system with dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals including Vitamin C, B, E, iron, potassium, magnesium iron and cartenoids.

Careful not to mistake the poisonous Hairy-Stemmed Spurge with Purslane.



*Consult a licensed and qualified health practitioner before using plants medicinally.