Creeping Charlie
Glechoma Hederac
Herbaceous Perennial Evergreen Creeper – Family Lamiaceae

Creeping Charlie is an aromatic member of the mint family. It is a low-lying plant with round lobed leaves, a finely-haired square stem and small purple flowers. Creeping Charlie tolerates sun but is often found in shaded areas.

Leaves can be eaten cooked or raw – in salad, pesto, soups. Use fresh or dried leaves in a tea.

Antioxidant, Antibacterial, Anti-allergenic, Antibacterial, Antispasmodic, Antiviral, Antihistaminic, Anti-inflammatory, Antiseptic. Creeping Charlie has a high Vitamin C content and contains a volatile oil that helps with colds, flu and sinusitis relieving congestion and inflammation of mucous membranes. Great for heavy metal detoxification.



*Consult a licensed and qualified health practitioner before using plants medicinally.