Nan Shuni Giron - Hands Up

Nan Shuni Giron in GeoParadise, Panama 2016

Tribal Gathering is a meeting point for indigenous communities from all over the world. Musicians, artists, teachers, shamans and many others participate in an 18 day regenerative event in the spirit of collaboration, sharing and connecting a community that is passionate about the creation of a new reality .

Our Special Guest at The Hive Centre, Ajq’iij (Mayan Spiritual Guide), Nan Shuni Giron is featured in this incredible short film. She is seen throughout sharing her wisdom and understanding of the Mayan way of life and its relevance in creating a new reality in present day.

The film closes with Nan Shuni Giron’s comments: “This event will inspire many people, it’s going to lead a new nation – I think that all of us together is going to teach us about each other and really coming to brotherhood and to sisterhood.”

Ajq’iij Nan Shuni Giron is with us for the next couple of weeks! You do not want to miss an opportunity to connect with her. Contact us to book a personal reading or attend one of the many events happening here and in Peterborough at Electric City Gardens Restaurant.

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