Greetings and Gratitude

We are grateful to have crossed your path and hope to connect in the future!

People arrive at The Hive for different reasons some pass through for an evening while others stay to enjoy attractions or to work in the area. Some groups come to take part in The Hive Centre programming and others are here to get-away with family and friends, to participate in recreational activities nearby or to connect with colleagues in team-building activities.

Meeting and interacting with different people from all over the world has been a great motivator at The Hive. We find our guests absolutely fascinating the lives they lead, the places they live, the businesses they run…

We are thankful for another year of progression. In 2018, we opened up The Hive Centre (heritage church) for overnight rentals, went out into the community to share The Hive’s Total BEEing series, and we were featured in Dine Magazine!

We know the best is yet to come and wish you and your loved ones all things good in 2019!

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