Frequency Meditation

Frequency Meditation
with Kevin Craddock
1 hour

Connect with us to add your name to a list of interested participants or gather a group of friends, family or colleagues (6+) for a private Frequency Meditation.

Positively Affect Your Well-Being Through Frequency Meditation. 

Everything is in a constant state of vibration – frequency is vibration – frequency is sound.

Kevin Craddock, musician, producer and sound specialist, will lead you through a self-guided meditative soundscape. Harmonious frequencies are layered in a subtle and calming meditation with sounds from nature.

The audio experience is specifically attuned to help you set an intention for the day and to stimulate creative expression.

When you meditate within a frequency you can harmonize with its characteristics. The numerous benefits include enhanced health, well-being, state of mind, balance, focus, creativity, happiness and a sense of fulfillment.

Feel free to bring a yoga mat.

Exchange: $20
Stay a while… join us for a warm beverage, snack and a Walk in the Woods or join us for the entire day of creativity and connecting with nature. Learn more information about a Creative Nature Retreat.


About Kevin Craddock
An explorer of all things creative, Kevin Craddock is a sound and frequency enthusiast, a musician and a music producer. In 2001, Kevin experienced a shift in consciousness that altered his path and being. He continues to open channels to knowledge, wisdom, art and spirit.