Owner / Director

The Hive - Facilitator - Elsii FariaElsii is an Artist, Marketing Consultant and Wellness Advocate who is committed to creativity, culture, community, connection and collaboration. She supports those who strive to have a positive impact on their surroundings and/or the global community.

Recognizing the importance of partnerships and collaborations, she works regularly with government representatives, municipalities, businesses, organizations and individuals to forward related objectives.

She writes, speaks and creates training programs related to the value of a new economy and how we can adapt to it by developing the skills necessary to thrive.

A painful, pro-longed and life-threatening illness motivated Elsii to pursue a path of personal development. Driven by the desire to offer a space where individuals can create meaningful connections and experience growth, Elsii and Kevin, opened a centre in 2013. Since then, many have experienced transformative growth.