burning beeswax cleans the air

Burning Beeswax Cleans The Air

Many of us are burning paraffin candles without knowing the serious implications that it can have on our health. When paraffin is burned, black soot and carcinogens fill the air and enter our bodies.

100% Pure Cappings Beeswax is the only fuel known to modern and ancient science that emits Negative Ions each time it burns.

Negative Ions clean the air by removing dust, odours, tobacco smoke, pollen, mould, dust mite feces, viruses and environmental toxins. Negative Ions benefit everyone and are especially beneficial for people with asthma, allergies, and environmental sensitivities.

CandleWhat are Negative and Positive Ions?
The air that we breathe contains minute electrically charged molecules referred to as Negative and Positive Ions. When balanced, Negative and Positive Ions are usually found in a ratio of four (4) Negative Ions to five (5) Positive Ions. A lack of Negative Ions or overabundance of Positive Ions adversely affects our surrounding air quality, our health and the environment.

How are Negative Ions Generated?
In nature, Negative Ions are generated through lightning, crashing waves, and waterfalls. This natural phenomena makes the air cleaner and healthier. At home, we can feel the benefits of Negative Ions by burning the ecological fuel of 100% Pure Cappings Beeswax, a natural Negative Ion emitter.

Positive Ions and Pollution
In urban areas, closed and polluted spaces, Positive Ions out-number Negative Ions and create air quality problems.

In household environments, Positive Ions are often generated by motors, computers, heating/cooling systems, burning paraffin candles, and static electricity.

Positive Ions are attracted to toxins. They attach to dust, odours, pollen, viruses, chemtrails and moulds and suspend these substances in the air – these airbourne toxins present several potential health problems, especially for people with allergies or asthma.

Negative/Positive Charge = Complete Molecule
Negative Ions bind with Positive Ions to create complete molecules. This results in a balanced charge and a heavier weight mass. Positively Ionized pollutants (toxins, dust, odours, etc.) no longer float – they fall to the ground where they become dust or dirt, easily removed with a vacuum.

In order to dramatically decrease these pollutants in your environment, simply burn 100% Pure Cappings Beeswax and vacuum once a week.


Source: Pheylonian literature