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The Hive is comprised of two buildings - an old historical church (The Hive Centre) and a retro executive home (The Hive Bee & Bee), nestled in 18 acres of the Wilmot Creek Commemorative Forest. Both The Hive Centre and the Bee & Bee are used to deliver programming and are available for private events - ideal for retreats, family gatherings, special occasions, conferences and more.

Be part of a meaningful community, enhance your well-being and connect with nature.

The Hive Offers Workshops, Retreats, Events and Activities Related to:


Connection to Community, Art, Culture, History and Heritage


Integrative and Holistic Health Care Knowledge and Practices


Exposure to Nature and Eco-Education


Ancient and Indigenous Wisdom and Knowledge

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The Hive

3390 - 3392 Concession Rd 8 Leskard, ON L0B 1M0 CANADA


Toll-Free: 1-877-999-2987 Text/Call: 1-289-928-2998

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